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The first step in the sourcing strategy for many sourcers and recruiters is to harvest the low-hanging fruit—e.g.-search the internal database of previous candidates. This is an efficient sourcing strategy because past candidates already have a relationship with the company and therefore they are a lot more likely to be interested in the company. But here is lies the problem: most ATS solutions don’t provide good search capabilities.

Enter the Google ATS: Hire improves sourcing by making the internal candidate database easily searchable. It allows to rediscover high potential candidates - ones who received high interview scores but weren’t hired, or received an offer but declined. These candidates—and others in your database—can be a great match for a new position.

Sourcing in Hire is effective because it understands what you mean. Search “front end engineer” and it knows you want a professional with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. No need for you to use Boolean with a dozen “OR” options. Hire identifies all candidates with those skills and surfaces them even if their job titles are “UI engineer” or “UX engineer.”. Sourcing in Hire saves time and helps you discover candidates that may otherwise be overlooked.

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