Case Study

Saving over 5 hours a week for recruiters with stronger collaboration

Hire by Google, enables Trader Interactive to grow the company while saving the recruiting team time.

Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, Trader Interactive provides advertising and digital services to the powersports, recreational vehicle, commercial truck and equipment industries. Trader had more than 300 employees at the end of 2017, and is planning to add another 65 in 2018.

Hiring the right people is pivotal to the company’s success but the small recruiting team found itself stretched because the tools they were using could not keep up. The applicant tracking system (ATS) in place felt clunky and time consuming, and as a result recruiters were the only people at the company who could figure out how to use it.

Instead of sourcing candidates and building relationships with them, the recruiters were spending a ton of time tracking down hiring managers and interviewers to get feedback on candidates, and even more time compiling that feedback.

The top impact of Hire on our recruiting process is being able to collaborate with hiring managers and get a response from them quickly

Courtney Perry

Senior Recruiter, Trader Interactive

Things changed when they implemented Hire by Google. “The top impact of Hire on our recruiting process is being able to collaborate with hiring magners and get a response from them quickly” says Courtney Perry, Senior Recruiter at Trader Interactive.

“As a result, we have been able to get back to candidates a lot faster which is critical for winning talent. Hire is very user friendly, and hiring managers have been willingly undertaking some tasks that only recruiters used to do - such as rejecting or moving candidates forward in the hiring process and using email templates to communicate with candidates. The recruiters and hiring managers are also now able to discuss a candidate in the system, so there is a clear record of feedback side by side with any communication they’ve had with a candidate.”

The scheduling capability in Hire is another time saving favorite for the Trade Interactive team of recruiters. The Google Calendar integration has made it “really easy to set up interviews,” Courtney says. So now the team can focus on the candidates not the process. Hire is saving Courtney at least an hour a day that she used to have to spend on administrative and repetitive tasks.