Case Study

50% uplift in hiring manager engagement

Founded in London in 1986, Framestore is a visual effects and computer animation studio with just under 3,000 employees across Europe, North America, and Asia. Since their inception, the Framestore team has been consistently growing and hiring to support that expansion. Because of the project-based nature of their film, tv, and commercial work, they often need a regular flow of candidates and the positions, like visual effects artist, can be quite niche and highly competitive to hire.

Working within this small talent market, Framestore’s recruiting team is focused on building long-term relationships with candidates. Since their team is distributed across 3 continents, it’s critical that recruiters can quickly understand what stage every candidate is at and take an agile, efficient approach to moving them through the process.

Framestore’s legacy recruiting solution was beginning to slow the team down. It was time consuming for recruiters, who had to switch back and forth between tools, regularly double-entering data or having to repeat tasks. Additionally, hiring managers didn’t like or use it, which led to unnecessary manual workarounds for recruiters.

After moving their business to G Suite, Framestore heard about Hire and loved the idea of embedding their recruiting solution within their other business tools. “It just seemed so logical,” says Amy Smith, Head of Talent at Framestore. “It got rid of the need for a second sign-on and provided hiring managers with a familiar way of working. It just made sense.”

In early January 2019, Framestore made the switch to Hire for their entire global business. “Working with the Google team has been amazing. They are very communicative, willing to help, and interested in solving our problems for us. The Google team made the whole process of switching systems quite joyful,” notes Amy.

Engaging hiring managers with a solution they love to use

Since switching to Hire, Framestore has seen a massive increase in hiring manager involvement in the recruiting process. “We’ve seen a 50% uplift in hiring manager engagement since moving to Hire. All over the business, loads of people who never even touched our legacy solution are in there and engaged,” states Amy.

Amy attributes much of this increased engagement to the intuitive nature of Hire, as it required no training for hiring managers to jump in and begin using the tool. “For anyone familiar with a Google product, Hire is so familiar, so intuitive, and so easy to use. People that have never logged into an ATS can get up and running with no training. In fact, we actually didn’t do any training with hiring managers. They just intuitively figured it out and were off running instantly.”

We’ve seen a 50% uplift in hiring manager engagement since moving to Hire. All over the business, loads of people who never even touched our legacy solution are in there and engaged.

Amy Smith

Head of Talent at Framestore

Once hiring managers began using the tool, they were excited to have quick access to key information, so they could better partner on hiring for their roles. “Hiring managers absolutely love it,” explains Amy. “It’s very transparent, and they love having the freedom to quickly find the information they need.”

By empowering hiring managers to get more involved in recruiting, Framestore has been able to reach candidates faster and improve the experience for top talent. “Having hiring managers so much more engaged makes us far more efficient,” says Amy. “We can get back to candidates much faster, so our responses are now almost instant.”

Saving time for recruiters by seamlessly fitting into their G Suite workflow

For Framestore’s recruiting team, the biggest benefit of transitioning to Hire has been its ability to smoothly fit into their existing workflow and improve productivity. “To me, Hire is just part of my process whereas our legacy solution was always an extra step,” explains Amy. “Hire just fits into my workflow. It’s not like I think ‘oh, I’m in Hire,’ it’s just a seamless part of the tools I am already using.”

To me, Hire is just part of my process whereas our legacy solution was always an extra step. Hire just fits into my workflow

Amy Smith

Head of Talent at Framestore

This ability to work naturally with the rest of G Suite means the Framestore team no longer needs to switch between systems or repeat tasks, simplifying their workflow and saving them time. “With our legacy solution, everything was in that solution, which made it difficult to share details on a candidate with someone who is not on the hiring team for that role,” says Amy. “Because Hire is part of G Suite, things like our Job Library now exist in Drive, so the team can access it more easily. We can even pull a report in Sheets and instantly share it with the team. And, when someone is hired in Hire, I can alert people and give them more information without having to leave the tool. The efficiencies have been phenomenal.”

Since email is critical for communicating with candidates throughout the entire hiring process, Amy talks specifically about the value they’ve seen from Gmail and Hire working seamlessly together. “In our legacy solution, we had to cut and paste emails back into the system for them to be tracked. One of the most amazing things about Hire is that Gmail conversations with candidates are automatically in the recruiting tool. This email sync is critical for our global team, since it’s important for us to stay on the same page and know who’s reached out to which candidates. And, it’s saving us so much time.”

Amy and her team have seen a similar benefit from Hire and Calendar seamlessly syncing. “With our legacy solution, we couldn’t book rooms for interviews, which made scheduling very painful. We’d essentially have to schedule twice, in the recruiting tool and then again in our calendars to reserve a room,” explains Amy. “The way Hire is linked to Calendar is amazing - we no longer have to double enter information.”

Ultimately, Framestore has seen significant value from making the move to Hire. “The feedback has been really, really positive,” shares Amy. “I would definitely recommend Hire. It does exactly what you need it to do without unnecessary extras cluttering up the interface. It’s simple, clear, and super quick to get your head around.”