Rejection Email Templates

The difference between hiring a sought-after candidate or filling a position on time—or not, involves speed: making decisions and responding to candidates quickly. Automating the most repetitive and time consuming tasks of recruiting is one of the most important ways a good ATS can improve hiring outcomes.

Hire saves recruiting teams time in many ways, but one of the most frequently used one is the rejection email templates. In most industries, as little as 1% of candidates considered are hired, which means that most candidates are rejected sometime during the recruiting process. However, rejecting candidates in a respectful and gracious way is paramount for the employment brand and key to attracting new candidates.

Hire comes with about a dozen rejection email templates which customers can customize or create additional ones. The most obvious benefit of these templates is efficiency—recruiters don’t have to compose a new email for the hundreds of rejection letters they need to send. Hire even allows recruiters to save favorite settings—which rejection email template to use, when will the email be sent, and whether to reveal the sender’s email address to the candidate. But beyond efficiency, the rejection email templates allow companies to improve the overall candidate experience. As many as 65% of candidates never hear anything from employers so getting back to people, even if disappointing news, is a net positive.

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