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How to Plan, Build and Improve Your Hiring Process

The unemployment rate in the US is currently 3.7%, down from 10% in 2010. With more jobs available, candidates can afford to be more selective when job searching and interviewing.

To stand out to candidates, ensure that every stage of recruitment is pulling its weight with a structured hiring process. In this free e-book, we'll cover the basic 10 stages of a structured recruitment process with tips from Google recruiters to help you hire faster, have fewer wasted interviews, and find great-fit candidates that will rise to the challenges of their new role.

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  • Write job descriptions that attract top talent
  • Fill your candidate pipeline using far-reaching promotion
  • Phone screen candidates to waste less time on bad fit interviews
  • Ask helpful interview questions to find out how candidates think

With a structured hiring process, you can attract the best possible candidates and leave a remarkable impression on each and every one of them. Fill out the form to get started.

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