G Suite and recruiting:
the perfect match

Gmail Sync

Gmail Sync brings recruiting-related emails into Hire. No more bcc’ing the system. In Hire, the entire hiring team can see what has been communicated to the candidate. And when you select the candidate’s email address in Hire, you’ll trigger your regular Gmail compose window.

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Gmail Add-On

Now you never have to leave your inbox. Hire’s Gmail Add-On brings the candidate profile to you. When you get an email from a candidate, you’ll have complete context about them via a side-panel. And what’s even better: you can take actions like advancing or rejecting the candidate, or messaging your teammates.

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Google Calendar Sync

Seeing the availability of interviewers and rooms makes scheduling interview rounds with multiple slots a breeze. Tight integration with Google Calendar means any changes or accepts/declines made will automatically appear in Hire.

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Google Sheets

View key recruiting metrics easily and export to Google Sheets for additional analysis.

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