Cultivate relationships
that last

Rediscover excellent candidates

Here’s your chance to make good on your promise to get back to a previously considered candidate or evaluate candidates who may have otherwise been forgotten.

Hire resurfaces past candidates in your search for open positions, enabling re-evaluation of those who may be perfect for the present open position. And rather than supporting a one-off transaction, Hire enables you to cultivate relationships over time.

Understand the history of the candidate relationship

With Gmail sync, candidate emails are automatically tracked in Hire, keeping recruiters, hiring managers, and coordinators aligned. New team members eager to get up to speed can easily see historical communications with a candidate and understand the development of the candidate relationship.

With reminders set, your team can keep on top of any follow-up tasks.

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Engage quickly with email templates

Whether you’re reaching out to a candidate for the first time, scheduling an interview, or sending a polite rejection, we’ve got you covered. Custom email templates streamline communication with individuals and groups of candidates.

Track top tier candidates

Use Collections to keep track of those silver medalist candidates. They’ll be easy to find when the right opportunity arises.

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