Recruit like it's a
team sport

Customize your hiring process

Create unique hiring stages that match the needs of open positions—from coding tests for engineering jobs to onsite presentations for sales jobs. You can build the unique process requirements for each role.

Plus, you can customize your interview feedback scale with a rating system that’s familiar to your team. For example: from -2 to +2 or A to F.

Optimize for Google Search and post to job boards

Millions of job seekers start their search on Google every day. And with Hire, you get a career site that’s optimized for Google Search.

Your jobs can also post to major job boards—like Indeed or Glassdoor—and to specialized ones too. Hire tracks the efficacy of each source, so you can make the most of your marketing spend.

Enrich profiles with Google Search

Google Search provides more background on a candidate by automatically surfacing links to their profiles from sites like LinkedIn®, GitHub, Behance, Stack Overflow, US Patent Database, and others.

Stay aligned

Group candidates in a collection and easily share with your hiring manager for quick feedback.

Chitchat with your teammates about candidates on their profiles and draw immediate attention to a candidate by @mentioning in a comment.

Scheduling is simple

See all interviewers’ schedules side by side. It only takes seconds to drag and drop interviews into available slots, adjust their duration, and select a free room.

Every interview is synced to Google Calendar, and context-rich calendar invites are sent to the interviewer and the candidate. RSVPs are visible at a glance.

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More feedback, less chasing

Submit feedback from any device without logging in to the Hire app. And whether you’re taking notes or entering feedback, you’ll be able to see the candidate’s resume and job description on screen. Interviewers see teammates’ feedback only after they’ve submitted their own, which helps avoid groupthink and bias.

Don’t sweat the important stuff

Just as Gmail makes it easy to find the most important emails, Hire helps you quickly focus on important candidate activity, whether it’s newly entered feedback, incoming candidate emails, or upcoming interviews.

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If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

Hire provides predefined reports about candidate pipeline, source efficiency, disposition reasons, and time to hire. And with one click, you can export the data to Google Sheets.

Data Migration

Need to transition data from a legacy system? We’ve got you covered.

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