Interview Scheduling

Interview scheduling has always been one of the most frustrating and time consuming chores of recruiting. It requires endless loops of getting availability from the candidate, and figuring out what times fit the interviewers’ schedules by trial-and-error.

Interview scheduling in Hire is so easy that now even hiring managers want to do it.

First, Hire integrates with Google Calendar and allows to see all interviewers’ schedules side by side. It shows not only when interviewers are busy but exactly what they are doing so that the schedule can apply judgment about what existing calendar appointments can be moved around. Then, it only takes seconds to drag and drop interviews into available slots, adjust their duration, and select a free room.

Every interview is synced to Google Calendar, and context-rich calendar invites are sent to the interviewer and the candidate. RSVPs are visible at a glance.

Hire has not only made interview scheduling easier but has turned it into a small delight that even brought tears of joy in some users.

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