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Hire is an easy-to-use ATS for G Suite customers. The G Suite ATS helps small to medium organizations distribute jobs, identify and attract candidates, build strong relationships, and efficiently manage the interview process—using the familiar Google solutions such as Google Search, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Hangouts.

Other ATS solutions are not at all or not well integrated with the personal productivity tools. As a result recruiters spend a ton of time copy-pasting data between G Suite and the ATS. For example, they would schedule an interview in Google Calendar and then copy-paste that information in the ATS. That is frustrating for the recruiter but also slows down the hiring process, and leads to sub-optimal candidate experience.

The G Suite ATS eliminates that busy work with native integrations with G Suite so that customers can benefit from the best of both worlds: continue working in their favorite G Suite apps like Gmail and Calendar yet have a dedicated ATS that centralizes all recruiting related activity. For example, any emails with candidates and any interviews scheduled are automatically synced in both the ATS and G Suite. The result is that with the G Suite ATS customers can hire faster.

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