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Many people appreciate the productivity-boosting Chrome extensions because they can bring information to you from one system while you’re working in another, and in so doing, act as a very lightweight integration between the two systems.

Many ATS solutions are not at all or not well integrated with personal productivity tools, leading to a lot of time wasted in copy-pasting data between G Suite and the ATS. For quite a while, recruiters have wanted a Chrome extension ATS that would enable easy integration between G Suite apps like Gmail and Google calendar, and their recruiting workflows.

Hire is the first Chrome extension ATS that eliminates the busywork of copy-pasting data between systems. Technically, Hire doesn’t have a Chrome extension but rather uses the new Gmail Add-on framework and G Suite APIs to provide native integrations with G Suite so that customers can work in their favorite G Suite apps like Gmail and Calendar yet have all recruiting related activity automatically synced and centralized in a dedicated ATS. From the user’s perspective, the experience in Hire is the same as it would be in a Chrome extension ATS: while working in Gmail, a Hire panel slides from the right, which allows users to create a new candidate profile, to see up to date candidate profile, advance or reject the candidate, respond with pre-defined email templates or click through to the candidate profile in Hire.

The result is that with the Chrome extension ATS, customers can hire faster.

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