15 newsletters every HR professional should read

In the fast-moving HR industry, it's next-to-impossible to stay on top of every new trend and tactic. To save you from missing important industry news and learnings—and to help you make the most of the hours you're spending in your inbox—we're sharing 15 HR newsletters packed full of novel sourcing strategies, hiring process improvements and burgeoning workplace trends.

1. Recruiting Brainfood

Recruiting Brainfood curates a weekly selection of insightful articles and perspectives (the “brainfood”), upcoming industry events and interviews, and a selection of open roles for HR professionals looking for new opportunities. The curator, Hung Lee, hand selects the most useful articles, reports, videos, tools, and podcast episodes on topics like sourcing, employer branding, diversity and inclusion, recruitment advertising and many others. With over 10,000 subscribers, Recruiting Brainfood is one of our favorite HR newsletters.

2. Recruiting Headlines

Founded by “the mad scientist of online recruiting,” RecTech Media's Recruiting Headlines newsletter provides a pithy, daily summary of the latest headlines from across the HR industry. Collated from popular recruiting blogs and news websites, it's perfect for recruiters looking to ditch long, meandering newsletters in favor of a time-effective round-up.

3. HR Dive

HR Dive offers three newsletters:

  • HR Dive is a daily newsletter covering topics across the spectrum from HR management to compensation to HR tech, recruiting and more.

  • HR Dive: Learning, sent weekly, highlights topics such as employee learning, training, onboarding, mentoring, and career development.

  • HR Dive: Recruiting shares insights weekly on talent acquisition, diversity, recruitment advertising, employer branding and recruiting technology.

What we like best about these newsletters is that they share both content published by HR Dive, and relevant HR and recruiting content curated from trusted sources such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, Harvard Business Review and others.

4. Hire by Google

Here at Hire by Google, our recruiting newsletter shares insights and tips for building a world-class hiring program, including:

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5. Wavelength by Asana

Although not restricted solely to recruitment, Asana's Wavelength newsletter is perfect for HR professionals looking to understand and influence the dynamics between hiring, team structures and company health. Recent articles cover topics like organizational design, employment empowerment and inclusive onboarding:

6. Fast Company Newsletters

Fast Company's suite of newsletters covers a broad range of topics, but we've chosen three that offer a diverse look at the wider world of recruiting and company growth:

  • Leadership offers a broad overview of workplace culture from a business leader's perspective, covering case studies, career advice and workplace trends.

  • Ethonomics covers the “latest trends in social impact business,” offering advice on aligning the ethics and economics of hiring employees and growing a business.

  • Hit the Ground Running offers an insider look at recruiting from the job seeker's perspective—perfect for digging deeper into the expectations and frustrations of candidates.

7. Glassdoor for Employers

In addition to being one of the world's largest recruiting sites—used by 830,000 employers —Glassdoor offers an employer-focused newsletter, covering a broad range of topics like employer brand management, summaries of recent HR events and conferences, and case studies for boosting your own recruitment with Glassdoor.

8. HR Bartender

Written by Sharlyn Lauby, an HR professional turned consultant, HR Bartender offers advice for recruiters looking to improve employee engagement, boost their leadership skills and make a bigger impact in the world of HR. The articles are all written from Sharlyn's empathetic, first-hand perspective and have earned the accolade of being a “top 5 HR blog” according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

9. HR Exchange Network

Created to keep recruiters abreast of a rapidly changing industry, the HR Exchange Network provides news and analysis to over 270,000 human resources professionals. Their weekly newsletter offers a summary of their latest articles, case studies, interviews and whitepapers from “CHROs, CLOs and CTOs at the world’s leading organizations.”

10. HR Daily

Curated by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), HR Daily delivers a regular dose of industry news and analysis. If daily updates are too intensive or you're looking for different perspectives on the recruiting world, SHRM also offers a dozen extra HR newsletters, covering topics like:

  • Talent acquisition and management
  • Compensation and benefits
  • HR technology
  • Workplace compliance

11. Human Resource Executive

First established in 1987, Human Resource Executive has been sharing thought leadership and recruiting strategy for over 30 years. Targeted primarily at VPs and HR directors, over 75,000 print subscribers and 100,000 digital subscribers benefit from the publication's take on HR leadership, talent management and recruiting technology.

12. Onrec

Onrec—touted as “the online recruiting resource”—offers a daily newsletter of HR-specific news, events and research. The organization's selection of statistics and trends is particularly useful, collating the latest research from recruiting consultants, government bodies and private companies into a regular digest, covering topics ranging from long-term economic forecasting to workplace mental health.

13. Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech

Over 25,000 HR professionals engage with Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech's selection of articles, webinars and in-person events. The company pours over 40 years of experience into its weekly email bulletin, offering senior-level recruiters and HR leaders a straightforward digest of tactical expertise, current research and future trends.

14. SocialTalent

SocialTalent is a recruiter-training platform offering a broad range of content—eBooks, webinars, industry reports and articles—designed to help junior sourcers and hiring managers alike upskill and continue their professional development. Their blog and regular newsletter continue the self-development theme, covering topics ranging from LinkedIn sourcing strategies to harnessing emotional intelligence as a recruiting skill.

15. Workology

Workology's newsletter for the “disruptive workplaces leader” is sent to over 90,000 HR professionals up to three times per month. The newsletter offers a few incentives for subscribing, including exclusive access to case studies, articles and webcasts that count towards industry accreditation courses like HRCI and SHRM.

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