30 recruitment blogs worth following

As a recruiter, staying up-to-date on the latest recruiting trends, news, and industry best practices can seem like a tall order. There are new tools to learn, and the market for talent is growing increasingly competitive. Many professionals find recruitment blogs a way to regularly keep a pulse on the HR landscape and learn from thought leaders—without the cost of attending an industry conference.

In addition to articles featuring content from prominent HR professionals and other industry experts, many of the most popular blogs also offer podcasts, webinars, guidebooks, templates and other resources. Almost all offer newsletters or syndicate their most recent posts in a weekly or monthly email. No matter how you prefer to consume content, there’s truly something for every specialty.

Here are some award-winning, entertaining, and resourceful blogs that recruiting experts regularly rely on to improve their knowledge, learn new tactics, and keep up with the latest happenings in the world of HR.

HR and recruitment agency blogs

This first group of blogs features knowledge written and curated by those working on the front lines of the industry: members of HR, recruiting, and staffing agencies.

1. SourceCon

SourceCon is one of a triad of sites presented by ERE Media, a media team serving an audience of recruiters and HR professionals. They focus on topics related to sourcing candidates and also offer a free e-book series detailing Chrome extensions that can be of use to recruiters.

2. Social Hire

Social Hire is a UK-based social media agency that has been in business since 2012. The articles focus on the ins and outs of using social media as a recruiting tool and are often written by guest bloggers who are experts in the industry.

3. RecruitingDaily

RecruitingDaily publishes several articles weekly, focusing on recruitment marketing, sourcing, recruiting technology, and trends in the HR industry.

4. RecruitingBlogs

A sister site to RecruitingDaily, RecruitingBlogs offers the opportunity to create and join discussions with fellow HR professionals in their forums. Posts from members’ blogs often start rousing conversations.

5. HR Daily Advisor

With over 20 years of experience advising top companies, HR Daily Advisor is a strong resource for HR professionals looking to up their game. With a daily newsletter, infographics, videos, slideshows, free webcasts, and several new articles posted every day, this site is one to bookmark.

Recruiting industry blogs

Several of these recruitment blogs are online versions of print publications. These blogs excel at providing up-to-date news about the HR industry.

6. Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter is a recruiting and talent acquisition blog written by a group of “ex-recruiters turned journalists.” The publication has been around since 2009 and publish every day of the week. They currently boast 25,000 subscribers and are regularly referenced in major publications like Bloomberg, Mashable, and Business Insider.

7. Recruiter Magazine

Recruiter Magazine is a UK-based free online magazine specializing in recruitment news. Recruiter also has expansive sections devoted to advice and opinion, and its “Lighter Side” offers articles about entertainment and pop culture. With a directory of suppliers, a job board, an event list, and a seemingly bottomless pool of content, this site probably has what you’re looking for.

8. Recruiter Today

Recruiter Today, Recruiter.com’s online Career and Employment magazine, takes the knowledge learned from their expert network of recruiters and distills it into a huge archive of articles. These articles, focusing on topics like “Inside Recruiting” and “Smart Tech,” are easily browsable on Recruiter Today’s sleek website.

9. Human Resources Today

Human Resources Today collects their articles from many of the top blogs in the industry, making them easily accessible in one place and spanning a wide array of voices. Human Resources Today also produces a collection of webinars, whitepapers, and e-books that are of interest to industry professionals.

10. Workology

Workology is a standalone publication that focuses on discussing and analyzing the “art and science of work.” In addition to a podcast and recertification courses, Workology posts new articles every day. They feature both in-house writers and guest bloggers.

11. HR Technologist

HR Technologist delivers content several times a day, with topics spanning HR news, technology, and everything in between. What sets this blog apart is their collection of interviews with CEOs and company presidents about HR topics, as well as a library of downloadable guides and checklists.

12. HR Dive

HR Dive is known for their top-quality, original analysis of the latest HR happenings. Brief articles summarize topics into quick reads, while “deep dives” provide longer, more complex analyses. HR Dive also offers op-eds, webinars, and downloadable e-books.

13. Human Resource Executive

Human Resource Executive has been around since 1987 and is written with vice presidents and directors of HR in mind. Recruiters will be drawn to the comprehensive talent management category in the navigation bar, where they can find articles about screening, relocation, recognition, and performance management authored with a leadership audience in mind.

Job search provider blogs

These blogs specialize in providing job application tips to potential candidates and recruitment advice to HR professionals. Given these tools are used by thousands of applicants during their job search, these sites have plenty of data to support their insights.

14. LinkedIn Talent Blog

The LinkedIn Talent Blog, connected to the popular job search social network, posts new content several times a week. Articles are divided into more than 20 categories, including strategy, humor and opinion pieces, and analytics. The resources offered are for employers and candidates alike.

15. Glassdoor for Employers

Glassdoor for Employers is a library of resources updated several times a week that contains both articles and guides addressing all manner of hiring and recruitment topics, including actionable tips for attracting new stellar candidates.

16. Indeed Blog

The Indeed Blog offers weekly articles about job search trends, labor market news, HR best practices, and case studies. Aimed at both candidates and recruiters, the blog can help you achieve goals like choosing the perfect HR tech for your business.

Blogs by recruiting industry leaders

These blogs come directly from CEOs and HR directors who are happy to share their experiences, opinions, and best practices with the masses.

17. The Savage Truth Blog

Greg Savage at The Savage Truth Blog is a business founder, advisor, frequent keynote speaker, and recruiting influencer. His blog has been listed among the Top 20 HR Blogs and the Best Recruiting Blogs 2019. He offers articles, webinars, and videos, including a popular “Sixty Savage Seconds” series.

18. Fistful of Talent

With a roster of well-known contributors, Fistful of Talent specializes in blunt, sharp-witted writing on HR and talent topics. They post a new article each day, and recruiters can browse the archive by tag or by their favorite writer. Many regular contributors to Fistful of Talent, like Tim Sackett, have popular blogs of their own appearing elsewhere on this list.

19. The HR Capitalist

The HR Capitalist is run by Kinetix Chief Human Resources Officer Kris Dunn, who also established Fistful of Talent. He authors an article every day and has a podcast called “This is HR.”

20. HR Ringleader

HR Ringleader is the blog of H3 HR Advisors CEO and Principal Analyst Trish McFarlane. It’s the home of the wildly popular podcast “HR Happy Hour,” which McFarlane hosts. In addition to posting weekly articles, McFarlane organizes the HRevolution conference.

21. Women of HR

The Women of HR blog specializes in offering advice to the women of the HR industry. From perfectionism, to stress, to harassment, this blog offers guidance specifically geared toward the professional woman, regardless of where she is in her HR career. Trish McFarlane of HR Ringleader is one of the founders of this blog.

22. HR Bartender

HR Bartender is often praised for its casual tone, making it an approachable resource for recruiters. Run by Sharlyn Lauby, president of ITM Group, the blog posts new articles a few times a week. There’s also a “how-to” list of articles providing help for everyday workplace issues.

23. Evil HR Lady

The Evil HR Lady blog, run by Suzanne Lucas, provides blunt, no-nonsense answers to the questions candidates and employers might be afraid to ask. One useful feature is a “random post” button for those who can’t decide where to start reading.

24. The Tim Sackett Project

The Tim Sackett Project is equal parts industry and personal blog. Recruiters can find posts about benefits, recruiting methods, employee performance, as well as Tim’s thoughts on topics close to his heart.

25. TalentCulture

TalentCulture TalentCulture posts two articles a week, delving into topics such as workplace culture, talent management, and HR tech. The site’s founder, HR tech analyst and author Meghan M. Biro, contributes articles and hosts the weekly “#WorkTrends” podcast and Twitter chat.

Recruiting tech blogs

These companies built the recruiting technology you might already be using, but did you know they also offer articles and other resources? Here are a final few worth a read:

26. Teamable

Teamable’s employee referral application is used by the likes of Lyft and Canva, among others, so it makes sense that their blog specializes in discussing employee referrals and interactions with job candidates. Their articles are chock-full of data, too—they’ve crunched the numbers, so you don’t have to.

27. Harver

The blog at Harver has articles spanning recruitment inspiration and a number of other HR-adjacent topics. Recruiters can subscribe to a weekly digest newsletter, plus listen to Harver’s newly launched podcast.

28. SocialTalent

SocialTalent, a platform for managing training materials, also runs a daily blog featuring articles about all aspects of the hiring process and the future of the workplace. They also offer webinars, industry reports, ebooks, and a video series called “TA Talks,” which features conversations with industry professionals.

29. TinyPulse

TinyPulse, known for their employee feedback and assessment tool, also runs an Employee Engagement & Company Culture Blog, which they update weekly. Topics covered include engagement, retention, employee recognition, and performance management.

30. Hire by Google

Like the other blogs on this list, Hire by Google helps recruiters leverage the current HR trends to become stronger performers. In addition to new articles on interviewing tips, leveraging recruiting metrics, and other best practices, we also frequently include easily customizable templates that you can implement into your hiring processes right away.

Improve your recruiting skills with advice from these industry leaders

While this list is just a snapshot of all the great recruitment blogs available out there, it’s a good place to begin furthering your recruiting education. Add some of these sites to your bookmarks bar and start keeping up with the wealth of knowledge out there to expand your skills and make a bigger impact at your company.

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