Hiring 101

50 free job posting sites to help you hire faster and smarter

Thanks to a growing number of job boards, job search engines and social media sites, it's easier than ever to promote vacancies to thousands of potential hires. Better still, many of these sites allow you to advertise open jobs for free, saving your organization money on its hiring processes.

The Hire team has put together a comprehensive list of 50 of the best free job posting sites, so recruiters can experiment with different ways and resources used to attract new candidates. Some of the sites in this list allow HR professionals to post unlimited job ads without an account, while others require an account or trial to post jobs or find resumes for free.

We've divided the list into six sections:

  1. General-purpose job boards

  2. Specialized job boards

  3. Remote job boards

  4. Job search engines

  5. Social media networks

  6. Your own resources

General-purpose job boards

Most job boards serve one main purpose: They’re a central hub for posting, promoting, and filling new job openings. The job posting websites listed here are designed for sharing all kinds of jobs, in any industry, and provide free access to networks of thousands of job seekers.

1. Recruiter

Recruiter boasts a network of more than 10,000 recruiters across several industries, including IT, HR, sales, and healthcare. Thousands of businesses use the site’s free job market to promote new job posts and connect with talent. The site serves over 800,000 members in more than 30 countries, and it reaches a social media audience of 2.8 million job seekers.

2. Jobspider

JobSpider is a free job board modeled loosely on Craigslist. Employers can post an unlimited number of vacancies to JobSpider's network, and with millions of job seekers active on the site, and employers can view their resumes online for free and locate the best candidates for their vacancies.

3. MightyRecruiter

MightyRecruiter harnesses syndication to streamline the recruitment process. Recruiters are free to create an unlimited number of open job postings, which can then be shared with up to 29 different job boards, including sites like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Nexxt and Glassdoor.


4. National Labor Exchange

The US National Labor Exchange is a non-profit organization that invites recruiters to post to its expansive recruiting network free of charge. Vacancies syndicated through the site are made available on job sites and distributed to over 1,000 job search engines. Jobs are made available to college alumni, diversity, disability, military, and career sites, making this one of the widest-reaching recruiting websites at your disposal, free or otherwise.

5. Jobisite

In contrast to many other free job boards for employers, Jobisite's recruitment tools are essentially unlimited. HR professionals may post as many job ads as they'd like and browse through applicants' resumes with no restrictions. Open jobs are shared directly with Jobisite's over 10,000 users, as well as some of the other sites in the Jobisite network.

6. Scouted

Scouted was created to help modernize the recruiting process. The website uses algorithmic matchmaking to identify great-fit candidates for a given role, matching candidates based on skills and potential instead of just their resume. The company provides free access to all of its features — posting jobs, sorting through a curated roster of candidates, and setting up interviews — and employers are only asked to pay if they successfully hire a candidate.

7. Jobvertise

Jobvertise offers free job postings to all recruiters, but it limits the number of daily views on vacancies. The site also receives thousands of resumes from new job seekers each week, allowing hiring managers to pinpoint great candidates simply by using the filters available on the site's database.

8. Jobxoom (free trial)

Jobxoom's website benefits from 80,000 unique visitors each and every month and allows employers to post to one of 60 industry-specific job boards. The site is free to use for three months and allows recruiters to post up to 100 open vacancies during that time.

9. ActiveHire

For employers looking to hire in North America, ActiveHire provides a simple process for sharing new job openings with thousands of potential candidates. In addition to free job postings, the site aggregates millions of employee resumes from over 115,000 partners and private databases.

10. Wisestep

Wisestep's free plan gives recruiters the opportunity to post an unlimited number of job openings to dozens of free hiring websites, including Wisestep's own community. Organizations can increase the amount of applications they receive for an open job by 500% by offering “Referral Rewards” to Wisestep users.

11. Zippia

Zippia’s free job posting website combines, in its words, “artificial intelligence and human expertise” with the end goal of filling your vacancies. Job ads are free for employers, and candidates who sign up to the site have access to a wealth of information about the companies with open roles.


12. CareerBliss (limited free trial)

The free CareerBliss job website lets you create one job posting that is distributed to 100 job boards in its network. This gives companies total exposure to over 15 million job seekers at once. If your organization doesn’t hire very often or wants to try a few different free places to post jobs, CareerBliss is a good option to experiment with.

13. Loadjobs (free trial)

Loadjobs promises to help you locate the right candidates, no matter where they are — even if that means directly inviting them to apply to your job listings. The site offers a three-month free trial, which is more than enough time for employers to decide if the job board’s features and extra benefits — like posting vacancies on social media — are worth the upgrade.

14. Glassdoor (free trial)

Considered one of the best job sites for employers and employees, Glassdoor is also a powerful hiring tool. With over 65 million monthly job seekers using the site, Glassdoor's free trial lets hiring managers advertise their vacancies for seven days. On top of their hiring tools, Glassdoor also provides free recruitment content that might prove useful for organizations just beginning to scale up their hiring.

15. ZipRecruiter (free trial)

Over a million companies use ZipRecruiter to source top talent. With a free trial, recruiters and hiring managers can use the site's full-service offerings for a week. The trial allows for job postings and distribution to over 100 employment sites. Employers can also access prewritten screening questions for specific industries, like sales or tech, making the applicant evaluation process a little smoother.

Specialized job boards

There are a growing number of free job boards for employers seeking to fill highly specific roles. Many of the websites covered here connect companies with candidates with specific employment preferences, like hourly service staff. Others specialize in specific industries and niche skill sets, or tailor to candidates who may ask for a certain pay grade.

16. Ladders

Ladders says it specializes in “$100K+ talent,” and, true to its word, this job posting board connects recruiters with highly experienced candidates. Ladders' free plan allows recruiters to search and browse a limited number of resumes and post up to 20 full-time vacancies. If you're looking to recruit a new member of your leadership team, Ladders would be a good site to start with.

17. AngelList

AngelList's tech-focused job board is used by over 30,000 of the world's fastest-growing startup teams. Startups may use the network's free company profiles, job postings, and applications to find candidates who either want to work at a startup.

Angel List screenshot

18. StartUpers

Although its name may sound strange and its website has a decidedly minimal look, StartUpers is a highly effective tech- and startup-focused job board. This free job posting site has a strong leaning towards developers and technical professionals and boasts a huge network of experienced candidates. There's no charge for employers to post openings and no limit on how many posts can be made.

19. Anthology

Touted as a “confidential job search” platform, Anthology matches experienced members of leadership with highly skilled roles at companies like Amazon, eBay, IBM, and Toyota. Anthology's free plan allows employers to post three open positions at a time. All employer and applicant data is kept completely private, and neither the identity of the employer nor the candidate is revealed until the two agree to meet, which may also help reduce bias.

20. Handshake

Handshake partners with over 700 U.S. colleges and universities to offer a free job board custom-made for connecting with talent early on in their careers. With over 14 million students and recent alumni on the network, employers are free to post vacancies and proactively reach out to right-fit candidates. Recruiters also have access to job fairs and other local events, which gives them another option to connect with potential applicants.

21. Angular Jobs

Named for the Angular JavaScript framework, Angular Jobs is a free-to-use job board that focuses exclusively on developers and front-end engineers. The site's free job posts are visible for 30 days, helping employers reach their audience effectively. If needed, organizations can also hire a recruiter through the site who can help locate the perfect candidate for their opening.

22. Techfetch.com (free trial)

TechFetch.com is a specialized job board designed to help recruiters fill IT consulting and contracting positions. The site boasts a network of over 2.5 million candidates, with recruiters receiving over 7 million responses each year. Full usage of TechFetch requires a premium subscription, but recruiters can use the service free for seven days.

23. Internships

Billed as “the world's largest internship marketplace,” Internships is a free recruitment site that brings students, education institutions, and employers into a single job board. Companies ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500s use the website to attract the next generation of top talent and fill internship opportunities.

24. Workpop (Free Trial)

Workpop is designed to help recruiters and hiring managers attract hourly service workers for companies with brick-and-mortar locations. Industries like hospitality, food and drink, healthcare franchises, and administrative agencies are all represented. Though Workpop is a paid service, it's free to try out the service's features for 10 days.

25. HotJobs.Vet

Designed to help military veterans successfully transition back into the workplace, HotJobs.Vet provides free job postings to employers who are looking to reach former service members. Employers can choose between free job ads that are public either 10 or 21 days or may search directly for potential candidates via a database of resumes.

26. ExpoTor

ExpoTor’s free job board was created specifically for trade show managers, event staff, and other event specialists. Employers seeking candidates with event skills can post a job for free and add tags to ensure potential applicants know whether a job is temporary, part-time, or permanent.

Job boards for remote and telecommute positions

If you hire for a distributed company, occasionally recruit remote workers, or are simply in need of a freelancer for an upcoming project, this group of free job ad sites will give you plenty of options.

27. FlexJobs (invitation required)

Some online hiring websites don’t make it easy to find remote candidates, but FlexJobs isn’t one of them. FlexJobs is a specialized job board that helps employers fill their remote, freelance, and flexible jobs. To get started, prospective employers need to request an invitation to join the site and can then post up to five jobs for free.

28. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff helps connect employers with both freelance and remote employees. Organizations can post an unlimited number of vacancies to the company's global network and can engage with applicants with no charge. Additionally, all free ads are syndicated to other job hiring sites, plus Hubstaff's own social media accounts.

Hubstaff screenshot

29. Upwork

Upwork is a worldwide marketplace for employers to find and hire freelance talent. With verified work histories, third-party reviews, and a huge network of job seekers spanning every sector from development to customer service, Upwork is popular with organizations both big and small.

30. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is a small business job board that specializes in remote vacancies. Recruiters can submit an unlimited number of free postings to the site, either manually or by submitting the XML feed of their careers page. Once approved, vacancies are shared with the site's mailing list of over 800,000 remote job seekers.

31. TalMix

Talmix was created to help businesses tap into the world's independent workforce. There's no cost for recruiters and hiring managers to post job openings and project descriptions. Talmix promotes job openings to the site's network of freelancers, and successful applicants bid for the work directly through the platform.

32. Guru

Guru connects recruiters with a network of over three million freelancers. Recruiters can browse for contractors by skill set or location, or post individual vacancies to the site's job board. While all of Guru's job postings are free, recruiters have the option to boost the visibility of individual posts for a one-time fee.

Job search engines

Job search engines scour the web to aggregate open vacancies into a single, centralized resource. Many of the free job search engines featured here allow companies and recruiters to submit an XML feed — effectively a list of all the vacancies published on a website — to ensure that every new job ad they create appears in the website’s search results.

33. Indeed

One of the top 10 job websites in the world, Indeed is the world's largest website for job postings, with over 200 million unique visitors every month. Along with curating jobs from thousands of employers, Indeed offers its own free job posting service. Employers can also sponsor job ads for a small fee, making them more prominent in a candidate's search.

34. Learn4Good

With the tagline “good things happen daily,” Learn4Good offers a wealth of educational resources and an aggregated search that helps students, their parents, and general job seekers find new roles. Through its free-to-use job board, Learn4Good generates over 30 million visitors a year from all around the world.

35. SquareHire (free trial)

SquareHire helps employers reach dozens of job boards with a single posting. Vacant roles are also syndicated to social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Recruiters are given two free job postings on the platform before they are prompted to upgrade.

36. Hound (free trial)

Among other free job posting sites, Hound's unique advantage is its huge network of partners. Posting a vacancy with Hound lets employers syndicate their vacancy to more than 500 job ad websites. It's free to search and export relevant resumes, and, as a bonus, every new vacancy is featured in Hound's job alert emails. Employers can use the website for free for 14 days before being asked to upgrade.

37. JobInventory.com

JobInventory collates vacancies from hundreds of sources into a single live feed. Jobs are sourced from classifieds sites, job boards, and company job pages. Employers can optionally participate in JobInventory's no-cost “contributor badge program,” which both demonstrates that they support this free job search engine and may send the employer's website a little extra traffic.

38. PostJobFree.com

PostJobFree is an employment search engine that makes it easy for recruiters to promote new jobs to dozens of free job boards. Open vacancies are automatically syndicated to websites like Glassdoor, and users can choose to be notified every time a good-fit resume is uploaded to the site.

39. Jora

A truly global free job source, candidates from around the world use Jora to browse job ads from multiple sources. If you aggregate your open positions to other sites via an XML feed, Jora already may have your jobs listed. However, employers can also use the site’s straightforward, free posting process to add new vacancies, ensuring they appear to searchers in your city.

Social media networks

A company's own social media networks can contain thousands of interested, brand-savvy candidates. Plus, they're free to use. Just write a post about your new vacancy and share it with your followers. These free social media channels are the ones that moonlight most effectively as job platforms.

40. LinkedIn

Though LinkedIn's dedicated hiring tools are part of the company's premium offering, it's still possible to use the site as a free recruiting aid. Posting job openings on LinkedIn profiles, your company page, and relevant groups shares your vacancies with thousands of users at once. Additionally, thanks to LinkedIn's free messaging feature, it's easy to reach out to qualified candidates within the platform.

41. Twitter

Twitter accounts are free, and posting new vacancies directly to your Twitter feed — and using popular hashtags like “#hiring” and “#jobs” — allows organizations to widen distribution beyond their immediate network. With the right combination of followers, hashtags, and images, you can effectively promote your new jobs to thousands of potential applicants without ever spending a dime.

Image if Google's Tweet

42. Facebook

Facebook's business Pages make it easy to promote job openings to your company's followers by sharing posts containing a brief job description and a link to an application form or careers page. Aim to include an eye-catching visual with your job description and link, so more of your audience stops scrolling to see what you’ve posted. To boost their reach, recruiters can pay to promote vacancies on a post-by-post basis.

43. Instagram

Like they do on Facebook, recruiters and hiring managers can post new vacancies on their company’s Instagram account. Since Instagram is a visual content platform, each post will need to be accompanied by a unique image. If you use Instagram for job ads, remember to include some relevant hiring-related hashtags, like “#hiring” or “#job” — this will make it possible to increase the reach outside of your current followers.

44. Snapchat

If your brand is already using Snapchat to connect with millennial and Gen Z brand enthusiasts, why not also use it to connect with those seeking jobs? Learn from McDonald’s : With a few creative snaps or filters, this platform will allow you to tap into an already engaged audience of fans who might also be perfect applicants for a job opening.

45. YouTube

While YouTube might seem like an unusual sourcing channel, it could turn out to be the most effective option for filling vacant roles. Companies like Zappos and Barclays have used YouTube videos to recruit for open roles, and Jet has hosted VR experiences on the site to show would-be employees what their offices and meetings look like. Don’t have a large budget for producing video? Make a quick “day in the life” or “we’re hiring” video with your cell phone — candidates will appreciate any effort you make to be transparent.

46. Reddit

Reddit is famously strict on companies sharing promotions, but a handful of subreddits actively encourage recruiters to share their latest vacancies. r/hiring and r/jobpostings have thousands of subscribers and are dedicated to general job openings. Other subreddits, like r/writing_gigs, collate industry-specific job opportunities.

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47. Hacker News

Frequented by engineers, developers, product managers, and technical marketers, the Hacker News discussion board has a “Who is hiring?” thread each month dedicated to collecting new and interesting jobs in tech. After signing up to the site for free, employers can post their jobs to the thread, along with any relevant links or contact information. A “whoishiring” account then posts many of these open roles to a dedicated jobs page where candidates can apply in just a few clicks.

48. Nextdoor

Designed for brick-and-mortar businesses to update their local community, you can use a Nextdoor business page to post about job openings, job fairs, or other hiring events with no cost. The only criteria for posting free job listings on Nextdoor is that jobs should be “relevant” to the community where they’re shared, so you may want to steer clear of posting about remote jobs.

Your own resources

Two options you may not have considered as a free resource for finding qualified candidates are also two resources you’re already using for other recruiting activities. With these final two free resources, you’ll be able to hire the best candidates for each and every vacancy at your organization — even if that means they’re already working for you.

49. Your company website

Some company websites generate thousands of visitors from a multitude of different sources. If your company is well-known, candidates might already be looking for your site in Google or clicking referral links from other sites. Visitors may also be browsing the site for other reasons and could be compelled to apply if they saw you were hiring.

Even if your website doesn’t generate a sizable amount of traffic, you can leverage a “jobs” or “careers” page to boost the visibility of your job openings. Make it easy for would-be applicants to learn about you by filling this page with pertinent information — how big your company is, where you’re located, what your values are, and what roles you typically hire for — and an up-to-date list of your vacancies.

Keeping this page updated will also help keep your current employees informed of open roles. They may refer a friend or colleague, or even end up applying for an open position themselves.

50. Your internal website or applicant tracking system (ATS)

Sometimes the best candidate is closer than you might expect. Internal candidates often have a strong knowledge of a company’s culture and take less time to train since they’ve often already learned the skills required for an advanced role. Additionally, 82% of organizations say that employee referrals offer a higher return on investment than any other hiring channel.

Looking within your organization for your next hire, whether that comes from a current employee or a friend they know is actively seeking their next role, costs nothing. All of your job openings should ideally be posted to a company intranet, an internal-facing website, or even your applicant tracking system (ATS). This way, your employees can engage with you as you hire and refer others — or themselves — for new vacancies.

Save money on your recruiting by using free job posting sites

Finding the perfect candidate is a labor of love for recruiters: They often invest considerable time, energy, and costs into locating the person who’s best-suited for a vacancy. But posting job openings shouldn’t cost a fortune. With this list of free job posting sites, you can save a considerable amount of money on the recruiting process and free up your resources for other worthwhile investments, like recruiting tools that improve the candidate experience.

What’s your favorite site for posting job openings for free? Reach out to us on Twitter @HireByGoogle and let us know — we’d love to hear your feedback.

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