19 creative career page examples from Everlane, Headspace, Stripe and more

When candidates visit your company’s career page, they’re doing more than just looking for open positions. Job seekers on your website are assessing your company’s culture, values, and work environment to help judge whether they might want to work there.

And potential applicants trust their instincts: According to a CareerBuilder study, 45% of job seekers feel that they know what working at a company would be like based on their career site.

Be sure to leave a strong, positive impression with powerful messaging and engaging visuals to encourage people who are a great fit for your company’s roles to apply. To help you do just that, we’ve gathered examples of 18 standout career pages. Use them—and the companies behind the pages—as inspiration for your own site to help you gain a competitive edge in your recruiting.

Show proof of your employer reputation

To bring potential candidates a step closer to applying, highlight evidence of your company’s workplace quality on your career page through testimonials or even Glassdoor ratings.

1. Medallia

Medallia doesn’t just tell job seekers that the company is a great place to work—they show the strength of their employer brand with employee testimonial videos. On camera, each employee gives a short explanation of why they like working at the company. Seeing employees advocate for Medallia can help boost job seekers’ confidence in the company and encourage them to apply.


2. Zuora

Zuora’s page motivates candidates to apply by providing third-party proof of what it’s like to work there—the page highlights an average Glassdoor rating of 4.5. Displaying this figure can help assure job seekers that the company is a great place to work, encouraging them to learn more about current job offerings.


3. SweetRush

SweetRush builds their credibility as an employer by highlighting Glassdoor review quotes on their career page. This positive feedback from employees gives job seekers an authentic glimpse into SweetRush’s work culture.


4. Stripe

Stripe's career page highlights links to notable coverage about their company from Bloomberg, Wired, and other reputable news outlets to help job seekers learn about the company. They've also included links to podcasts and academic papers that inspire Stripe's team and reflect their way of thinking, which job seekers can explore to get a better understanding of the company's culture.


5. Formlabs

Rather than sharing snippets of positive employee feedback, Formlabs created blog posts to showcase their employees as individuals. The “Our People” section of their career page links to full interviews with employees describing their interests, work style, and other unique details. As opposed to traditional testimonials, this content is an authentic and organic way for job seekers to understand Formlabs' culture and decide whether they would be a good fit.


Tell a story through video

Capture your current employees and office on camera to give job seekers an authentic impression of what it’s like to work at your company.

6. ReviewTrackers

While most career pages feature still images, ReviewTrackers showcases a video to differentiate their page. The video provides an authentic, engaging inside look at the company’s strong work ethic and fun-loving culture. After seeing shots of their office and friendly employees, people looking for a collaborative startup environment will feel eager to apply.

7. HomeSpotter

With its no-frills style, HomeSpotter’s career page video motivates candidates who appreciate their principles to apply. The video features a single shot of HomeSpotter's CEO discussing the company's four core values. At a time when so many companies highlight their culture's material perks — foosball tables, beer fridges — HomeSpotter's down-to-earth video is refreshingly genuine.


Drive visitors to apply with great UX

To generate applications, your career page must make it as easy as possible for job seekers to learn about your company, read through job descriptions, and find the right job opening.

8. Trader Interactive

Trader Interactive minimizes friction on their career page by placing multiple search options right at the top, rather than just providing a list of positions. Potential applicants can use both a filter and a search bar to quickly find open roles that are a great fit.

Trader Interactive

9. Everlane

The power of Everlane’s career page is that it connects the company with all visitors, both applicants and non-applicants. The page’s side CTA buttons encourage passive candidates to join the pipeline by dropping a resume or receiving job updates. With this feature, Everlane can connect with skilled site visitors who may want to apply in the future.



SSENSE's career page uses a clean, minimalist design — a concise, simple paragraph surrounded by white space explains why job seekers should consider working there. This sleek aesthetic makes it easy for job seekers to navigate the page, and it attracts the design-focused applicants that SSENSE wants as a luxury retailer.


11. productboard

By integrating their Careers page with their About page, productboard captures passive job seekers. Site visitors who visit the About page are already interested in the company and may even want to work there. A “Join Us” CTA at the top of the About page leads to open positions.


12. Auth0

Auth0’s career page utilizes a clever search engine that immediately directs site visitors to the company’s openings. Potential applicants select “what they love” (a department) and “where they want to work” (an Auth0 location), and the page displays jobs that match the criteria. By focusing on candidates’ unique interests and circumstances, this search feature drives job seekers to apply for positions.


Emotionally connect through messaging

Use positive language that leaves a job seeker feeling energized and excited to apply for a role.

13. Wistia

With its welcoming messaging, Wistia’s career site encourages every job seeker to apply. A large header at the top of the page tells applicants to "go on, be yourself,” along with a GIF of the team applauding new applicants. The GIF ends with a dog running across the frame as a quick reminder to applicants that Wistia has a dog-friendly office space.


14. Headspace

Headspace builds an emotional connection with potential applicants through a powerful video on the company’s career page. Rather than focusing on office perks, the recruitment video shows employees talking about why they feel connected to Headspace’s mission statement and company values. The team’s genuine passion is bound to inspire applications from people seeking purposeful work.


15. Shopify

Shopify puts job seekers at ease by framing their career page as a cover letter. “We're applying to you," the top of the page reads. This innovative cover letter format—covering Shopify’s experience, objectives, and references—takes the pressure off of potential candidates and makes them feel more welcome to apply. The layout is also very informative, so job seekers can easily learn about the company and decide if they want to apply.


16. Thinkful

Thinkful’s career page drives applications by focusing on the larger impact of the company’s work. It features inspiring language about the mission of the company—“help us build a better education”—so job seekers feel encouraged that Thinkful is a place where they could make a difference.


17. Imgur

Imgur’s career page shows that powerful messaging doesn’t have to be inspiring to engage applicants—it can also be humorous. As a well-known source of cat memes, Imgur includes a cat pun at the end of their career page to get a laugh out of visitors. This simple joke helps Imgur’s page stand out from the rest by letting applicants know that the company doesn’t take itself too seriously.


18. Framestore

Entry-level applicants might feel intimidated to apply to Framestore, given the studio’s world-class portfolio. To encourage applications, the company provides career growth resources on their page. It includes both a careers event calendar and links to Framestore’s programs for early-career job seekers, like apprenticeships and internships. This all helps encourage candidates with minimal experience who are a great fit for Framestore to apply.


19. Globo

Globo's mission-focused career page attracts passionate job seekers who are aligned with the company's values. The top of the page highlights Globo's purpose—helping people communicate around the world—and the copy underneath describes times when the company's work has had a great impact in others' lives. After reading the uplifting language and anecdotes, job seekers can envision how they could positively influence the world by working at Globo.


A well-crafted career page is a rich source of applicants

To generate a flow of talented candidates, companies need a career page that leaves a strong, positive impression on potential applicants. With at least one standout feature—whether it be employee testimonials, inspiring messaging, intentional design, or humorous GIFs—a great career page catches potential applicants’ attention and communicates what it’s really like to work for the company.

Continually update and improve your career site to ensure it resonates with job seekers. When you do, test different elements—your CTAs, images, or messaging. Then, use your ATS to check whether these changes lead to more or fewer applications. With constant iteration, you’ll be able to improve your career page and, ultimately, prompt what may be your very best hires to apply.

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