How to measure, track, and improve time-to-hire

Learn how tracking and improving your time-to-hire can streamline the hiring experience for your candidates.

12 creative career page examples from Everlane, Headspace, Stripe, and more

Gain inspiration for crafting a career page that drives applications with our list of 12 exceptional examples.

An inside look at 12 recruiting tools used by modern HR teams.

Hire stronger candidates faster and more efficiently with these 12 powerful recruiting tools.

The easiest way to source top talent? Re-engage lost candidates.

Jeff Moore, Head of Staffing for Google's Consumer Hardware business, shares insights on how to re-engage past candidates.

8 types of hiring bias that exclude the candidates you need

Build a fairer hiring process and improve diversity and inclusion by identifying and addressing these 8 common hiring biases.

What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system makes the hiring process more efficient by automating certain stages and storing information in an accessible database.

10 creative candidate-sourcing strategies from IKEA, Spotify, Deloitte and more

Finding top talent requires real creativity. From cryptic billboards to Spotify playlists, we’re sharing 10 innovative sourcing strategies.

How to make the most of exit interviews (+ free interviewer template)

The exit interview is a goldmine of honest, actionable advice. Use our free template to turn employee departures into valuable learning experiences.

Sourcing Candidates: 5 Strategies to Fill Your Hiring Pipeline

Struggling to attract applicants? Fill your hiring pipeline with quality candidates using these 5 proactive sourcing strategies.

How to Create a Culture of Recruiting

Jeff Moore, Head of Staffing for Google's Consumer Hardware business, shares insights on how to build a culture of recruiting.

How to Scale Recruitment with an Employee Referral Program

Research shows that employee referrals are the best recruiting source at your disposal. Learn how to build your own referral process now.

15 newsletters every HR professional should read

Fill your inbox with novel sourcing strategies, hiring process improvements, industry news and burgeoning workplace trends.

How to build a resume screening process

Learn how to identify your most promising candidates with a simple and effective four-step process for screening resumes.

5 Core Recruiting Metrics Every Hiring Team Should Benchmark

Track, analyze and improve—we’ll show you how 5 straightforward recruiting metrics can turn a good hiring process into a great one.

How to Craft a Standout Compensation Package

Learn how to set fair salaries and build a complete compensation package, perfect for wooing candidates and delighting employees.

How to Recruit in a Highly Competitive Job Market

Jeff Moore, Head of Staffing for Google’s Consumer Hardware business, shares insights on how to attract candidates in a highly competitive job market.

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: How to Make the Right Hiring Decision

Decide whether to insource or outsource your next role, with our seven question framework for making great hiring decisions.

How to Write Rejection Letters That Boost Reapplication Rates (+ Free Template)

Write a thoughtful rejection letter with these step-by-step instructions, and download a free rejection letter template and sample.

7 Questions to Ask When Buying an Applicant Tracking System

Seven simple questions to help you find the ideal recruiting tool to suit your business, hiring process and recruiting ethos.

The Art of Turning Rejected Candidates into Allies

Jeff Moore, Head of Staffing for Google’s Consumer Hardware business, shares insights on how to reject candidates in a thoughtful, helpful way.

Hiring 101: How to Plan, Build, and Improve Your Hiring Process

Attract top talent with our Hiring 101 series: free guides, worksheets and templates to help you build a better hiring process.

50 Free Job Posting Sites to Help You Hire Faster and Smarter

Learn how to promote your latest open job to thousands of applicants with 50 free job boards, job search engines and social media sites.

9 Signs You’re Ready for an Applicant Tracking System

You've heard of applicant tracking systems. But is it time for you to find one to help you hire? These nine signs will help you decide.

Great Candidate Experience Isn't a “Nice to Have”—It Cuts Costs and Drives Revenue

More and more teams are realizing how important candidate experience really is. Here are 6 data-driven reasons it should be made a top priority.

7 Proven Job Interview Questions—and What to Look for in the Answers

Asking candidates the right questions makes or breaks your hiring strategy - check out the 7 proven interview questions recommended by the Hire team.

A Modern Take on Data-Driven Recruiting from a Google Recruiting Leader

Jeff Moore, Head of Staffing for Google’s Consumer Hardware business, shares insights on how he uses data to run his recruiting program.

The Anatomy of a Successful Job Description (+ Free Template)

Your guide for how to write a job description that stands out, including a template modeled on real Google job descriptions.

How to Screen Job Candidates Over the Phone

The Hire team walks us through how to conduct an effective phone screening process, including a free phone screen template with 15 sample questions.

How to Write a Job Offer Letter (+ Free Template)

Step-by-step instructions for writing a job offer letter that gets signed, along with a free job offer letter template and sample.

How the best recruiters build relationships with their hiring managers

Staffing leader for Google's Consumer Hardware team, Jeff Moore, walks us through the 5 principles the best recruiters use to establish strong working relationships with their hiring managers.

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