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Hire faster
with Google

The recruiting software for G Suite

Hire smarter.

Hire eliminates the need to copy and paste between apps by using AI to automate manual tasks and source candidates from your existing applicant database.

Hire together.

Collaboration is easy with Hire – it works seamlessly with Gmail and Google Calendar to simplify scheduling and communication, and capture all recruiting data and activity in one place.

Hire faster.

Hire streamlines administrative recruiting tasks so you can focus on the people not the process. Spend less time on interview logistics and more time building relationships with candidates.

Scheduling interviews used to take a long time, but now it takes just a few clicks. And, the @mention feature makes it so easy for us to have conversations in one place - it definitely makes recruiting truly a team sport.

Srikanth Parthasarathy Talent HR Leader, Plivo

Our customers

We built Hire for businesses running on G Suite. Today, companies across industries, from plumbing and digital media to healthcare clinics and breweries are saving time and collaborating better with Hire.

The team really enjoys working with Hire. It has streamlined our recruiting process and we have been able to hire a lot faster.

Vishal Vakharia Director of Talent, JOOR

I love how candidate discovery in Hire allows us to bring potential candidates into a new job pipeline the second we start looking.

Jeremy Grigaitis Senior Manager Global Tools & Sourcing, 24-7 Intouch